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How to take good nature photos

Several people have asked me for help, tricks, tips and/or pointer on how to take good nature photos, and the answer is easy. Win the lottery, break into Fort Knox, or otherwise gain access to large sums of money. Buy a large format camera and a range of lenses and all the other accessories you’ll need, hire a couple of people to help you tote it around in the outdoors, and quit your job and spend all your waking hours out-of-doors.

Seriously, I am going to set up a series of pages to answer questions people have asked me, and to serve as a reference they can return to. I will break it down into several sub sections, and there may be people interested in some of the sub sections even if they are not photographers, such as finding and viewing wildlife.

It will take me some time to pull it all together, so please bear with me as I go along. I will add the main page with the topics I’ll cover today, but the topics will be empty for now. I hope to do at least one, maybe two this weekend, we’ll see, the weather is supposed to be crappy here this weekend, so I know I won’t be kayaking. I will be walking, and if I don’t get killed by a tree blown over in the wind, I should get a good start at least.


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