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First two photography pages done

Yesterday’s trip to Muskegon didn’t go as planned, I was hoping to get some pictures of the thunderstorms as they rolled in off from Lake Michigan, but the storms never really hit the Muskegon area. There was some thunder and lightning around, enough to make me use some caution as far as running around in the woods, but the main storms went well south of where I was at. Not only that, but the Muskegon area was fogged in, less than a half mile visibility most of the time, and cool. I took an extra shirt along just in case, and it turned out to be a good idea, despite the weather forecast of highs in the seventies.

That goes right along with the cool day on Saturday when Mike and I kayaked the lower Rogue River. Today, completely different weather! It’s hot and humid, around 90 degrees and like a sauna out there, not my kind of weather.

So I completed two of the pages on nature photography that I have been working on, or at least they are published and you can view them. The first is Photography basics, and the second is Taking good photos, part I. I am not 100% happy with my finished product, but I was close enough for the time being. I hope you find them useful, and I will try to do better on the upcoming pages I am working on. I am trying not to make them too technical like many books on photography are, but only include information that people can understand and actually use.

In the mean time, here’s a picture I took yesterday from the breakwater at Muskegon while I was waiting for the storms that never showed up.

Cygnet, young swan


I’ll keep plugging away on the other photography pages.


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