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Heading to the Pigeon River Country this weekend!

Well, all my scrimping and saving has paid off! It will be tight, but I have enough money so that I will be able to go camping in the Pigeon River Country this Labor Day weekend!

I have two major goals for this weekend, one is good pictures of Michigan elk with antlers, and the other, if money allows, is to check out a few places for later trips along the Lake Huron shoreline. On my trip last year, I saw male elk with racks, but they were either too far away, or it was too dark for good photos. But, I did get to hear them bugling! Now there’s a sound you never forget! I have photos of western elk with racks, but for all the times I have been to the Pigeon River Country, no “native” elk.

Of course I’ll do some fly fishing, at least for a few hours or so. The weather is supposed to be crappy according to the forecasts, a strong cold front is going to move across the area sometime on Saturday, and cool us off from the 90’s to the 60’s. I’ll love the 60’s, maybe even some frost at night, but I’m sure it will turn the trout off. Oh well, I don’t fish to catch fish anyway. That kind of change in the weather always affects the fish, and it will mean scattered showers over the weekend as well. It may not be great for photography either, but I am going to be enjoying myself no matter what the weather brings.

I don’t have much time to write more about my trip, I’m taking a break from packing as it is. But one other note as well, when I get back, I will be cancelling my Internet service, or I should say non-service. I have Verizon wireless Internet service, and it is the pits. It is terribly slow and unreliable, and when I complain, they give me updated hardware and software that works great for a short time, then it is back to the same old, same old. I have had it with paying for products and services that do not perform, and I’m going to go to another Internet provider, but there will likely be a gap as far as a time when I don’t have service at home. I do have access to a couple of wi-fi networks at times, I will be writing my posts ahead of time, then posting them when I can get to one of the wi-fi networks. I may not be able to post as often for a while, but that may give me more time for writing and photography until I do get hooked back up to the web!

I will be doing a long post, or maybe several short posts about this weekend when I get back, if I get back. I may run out of gas money and have to stay up there, no wouldn’t that be a shame?

Oh, and I’ll throw in a picture just so it looks good on Facebook and twitter.

Green and brown dragonfly

OK, I’ll make it two for those of you not into bugs.

Hostas in bloom

Until next week, bye.


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