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There is still hope

I just got back from my Labor Day weekend in the Pigeon River Country. I don’t have the time to do a full post about it right now, I am sorting through the nearly 500 pictures I took this weekend. But, I met three of the nicest people I have ever met this weekend. I was going to say the nicest young people, but that would make me sound like an old codger, and I am not quite ready for codgerhood, yet.

I was up early this morning, drinking my coffee, when I noticed waves on Round Lake. Huh? Waves on Round Lake? It is so small and sheltered that there are seldom any more than ripples on the water from the wind, I had to check out where the waves are coming from. They were coming from a pair of trumpeter swans that had landed on Round Lake!

Trumpeter swans

I chased them around the lake for a little while until I had a few fair pictures taken in the early morning light, and I went back to my coffee to let them relax and enjoy their breakfast, while I finished my coffee.

About that time, one of the people staying in the campsite next to mine walked by, so I pointed the swans out to him. He took some photos as well, then as he was returning to his campsite, the two of us started talking, first about the swans and how rare they were in Michigan, and then one thing led to another. We introduced ourselves to each other, his name is Ryan and the conversation continued. Soon, his friends Meagan and Andy joined us and our conversation.

A couple of things struck me about them, they are all very intelligent, all very well spoken, all very soft-spoken, all love nature, and we all share a love of the Pigeon River Country. I told them about my blog, and I hope that they do read it. The best part of talking to them is that I learned from them, not just about nature and places to go, but they also made me realize a couple of other things as well. One is that I spend too much time on the go up there, which I’ll explain when I do the full length post on this weekend, but also that maybe always going it alone isn’t so great after all. So, Ryan, Andy, or Meagan, if any or all of you read this, I would go camping, hiking, or kayaking with any of any of you, any time. That may not mean much to you guys, but it isn’t often I meet any one that I would make the same offer to. I am pretty darned particular who I spend my outdoor time with, very few people qualify, but all three of you do.

I know you won’t take me up on that, I probably seem like a weird old codger to you, that’s OK, I understand completely. I have been losing faith in the entire human race these last few years, meeting you guys renewed my spirits more than you know. I always enjoy my time outdoors, but it seems as if I have been running into more than my fair share of jerks lately, from drunken mushroomers, campers who party all night, slobs who think it is their duty to kill anything that has hair, and, well, you guys know what I mean. Thank you for proving that not every one is like that, and that there are people who do love nature for nature’s sake.


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