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A turkey stopped by my place on Sunday

No, not one of my relatives, a real turkey. I had finished my pot of coffee in the morning, but still wasn’t motivated to do much of anything. I’m not sure why, my allergies were acting up some, but not bad, and fortunately, I don’t have them as bad as some people I know. I was debating not doing anything other than some errands I had to run, I wasn’t even going to go for a walk around the complex. I was catching up with other people’s blogs, when I heard a turkey clucking like crazy, but not from the woods side of my apartment where I normally hear and see them, it was out front. I went to the spare bedroom that has a window that I can look out towards the parking lot, and there was a turkey standing right at the entrance to my apartment. I thought about shooting a picture of it, but changed my mind. But, the turkey just stood there clucking away, so I had no choice. I grabbed my Nikon and shot this really bad picture through the dirty bedroom window.

A Turkey waiting for me to come out to play

Before you give me grief over how bad that photo is, I live in a third floor apartment, and I’m not going to risk my neck hanging out the window to wash the outside of it. I keep the inside clean, the outside is some one else’s problem.

Anyway, the turkey stood there looking at the entrance to the building I live in, and it would rattle of a series of clucks every once in a while, as if it were wondering why I hadn’t come out for my daily walk, when I’ll often stalk the turkeys around here.

This is getting seriously weird. Earlier this summer I commented in a post about how much I like dragonflies and posted a few photos of them. Not long after that, I had dragonflies buzzing up to me, then landing on the nearest object to me they could find, sometimes landing on me. When I did the post of It’s been a good week, the icky stuff, I even made the comment that it seemed like they had read my blog and that they were hamming it up for the camera since then.

So in the post about hunting deer with a camera, I mentioned that turkeys are difficult to get close to, but that I love the challenge of trying while I am out on my daily walks, and now a turkey shows up at my door as if waiting for me when I didn’t go out for my walk at my usual time.

No, I don’t seriously believe that critters read and react to my blog. My friends say that it’s karma, that since I consider critters to be my friends, the critters sense that, and behave differently around me than they do around other people. I can sort of buy that one.

The turkey did motivate me to get off my butt, run the errands I had to run, then go to Saugatuck Dunes State Park for a hike in the woods, and along the Lake Michigan shoreline. I chose Saugatuck because I haven’t been there in months, and because I knew that the trees wouldn’t be as far along as far as changing color. The warmer waters of Lake Michigan retard the onset of the fall foliage near the shoreline of the lake.

I know, it’s fall, the trees are supposed to be changing color, and I am supposed to be photographing the bright fall foliage. However, I’m not ready for fall yet, and I truly miss the color green over the long Michigan winters.

On the trail at Saugatuck State Park

There’s not too many places I enjoy more than under the green canopy of a hardwood forest.

Hardwood forest canopy

It had rained just before I arrived at the park, there were a few breaks in the clouds from time to time, but short and fleeting. I hiked the south trail hoping to spot a few migrating birds, but there were few of them active at all. I don’t know if it was because of the rain, or if I just hit a lull in the number of birds present. It was a very pleasant hike, even if I didn’t see many birds. Taking the south trail meant it was about three miles to the Lake Michigan shore.

Dune grasses and dunes along Lake Michigan

It must have been an exceptional year for grass growth along the lake, because it was almost as tall as I am in many places.

Dune grasses

I thought that maybe there would be a great sunset to photograph if the clouds broke up a little, but it didn’t look like that was going to happen. The clouds seemed to be getting thicker overhead as I walked north along the beach.

The Lake Michigan beach at Saugatuck State Park

The dark object in the middle of the picture turned out to be a sawed off tree, and it made a convenient place to sit, rest, and contemplate the day. I was sitting on the log, looking out over the lake towards Wisconsin, when I noticed that the sky right along the horizon was beginning to turn a little pink, as if there would be a good sunset.

Lake Michigan sunset

What followed was awesome!

Lake Michigan sunset

I walked up the first small rise in the dunes, then watched as the clouds were churned by winds moving in different directions, as the fading sun painted the clouds in colors I’ve never seen before.

Lake Michigan sunset

It was just in a narrow band above the horizon, but there were four or five different layers of clouds, all moving different directions.

Lake Michigan sunset

The entire scene was changing every few minutes.

Lake Michigan sunset

So I stood there shooting every few minutes trying to capture what I was seeing.

Lake Michigan sunset

Lake Michigan sunset

Just when I thought it was over, the clouds would move more, and a new display would appear.

Lake Michigan sunset

Lake Michigan sunset

I shot almost 100 pictures of the sunset, I won’t bore you with all of them. By then, it was getting dark, and I still had two miles to go to get back to my vehicle, so I thought it best if I get started.

On the way back, I played with a couple of whitetail does, but couldn’t get any good shots of them. It was too dark unless I could have used the flash, but they wouldn’t let me get close enough to them for that. It was still fun trying though.

I really need to find that turkey and thank it for showing up at my door Sunday morning, and convincing me not to sit around the apartment all day. The hike was great, the sunset, fantastic!


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  1. Ah, no criticism on that turkey shot. None. I love it! It’s a quick capture of a quick moment. And your caption and your post, just so much fun to read! Those sunset/cloud shots are stunning. Great job!

    September 27, 2011 at 10:47 am

    • Thank you

      September 27, 2011 at 10:52 am