My adventures in the woods, streams, rivers, fields, and lakes of Michigan

Lapwings and Plovers

Lapwings and Plovers

Order: Charadriiformes Family: Charadriidae
The family Charadriidae includes the plovers, dotterels, and lapwings. They are small to medium-sized birds with compact bodies, short, thick necks and long, usually pointed, wings. They are found in open country worldwide, mostly in habitats near water, although there are some exceptions. There are 5 Michigan species.

American Golden-Plover, Pluvialis dominica

Black-bellied Plover, Pluvialis squatarola

Killdeer, Charadrius vociferus

Piping Plover, Charadrius melodus

Semipalmated Plover, Charadrius semipalmatus


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