My adventures in the woods, streams, rivers, fields, and lakes of Michigan

Taking good nature photos

As I posted earlier, I am going to set up this page as a source of information for people who would like to become better at photographing nature. My methods are somewhat different from those used by most nature photographers, so I’ll cover both, my way, and the more traditional way. I will keep my explanations and terminology simple, maybe too simple for a technophile, but I doubt if any technophile will be coming here for advice anyway. My aim is to help out the majority of people who don’t wish to pursue a college level course in photography, but would like to learn how to take better pictures.

I’ll cover equipment to some degree, lighting, the nuts and bolts of photography, how to spot and photograph wildlife, and how to take great scenery pictures as well. Below you will find the list of topics I’ll cover, each is a link to a page on that subject, like an index to a book if you will. As I finish each section, I’ll note that it is complete for you to read.


  1. Photography basics      Completed
  2. Lighting, flash, and fill in flash     Completed
  3. Equipment Completed
  4. The Rule of Thirds     Completed
  5. Taking good photos, part I     Completed
  6. Traditional Methods of nature photography
  7. My Manner of nature photography Completed
  8. Photographing Wildlife
  9. Photographing Scenery

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